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Turkey bans flights of Russian planes with dual registration

According to RBC with reference to representatives of airlines, a restriction on flights for Russian aircraft with dual registration came into force in Turkey.

The ban went into effect on November 1st. In this regard, the duration of some flights has been increased by 20-30 minutes. As Anna Podgornaya, a member of the board of directors of Nordwind, noted, this change did not affect the cost of tours.

The decision of the Turkish side did not go unnoticed by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. Thus, the ministry announced its intention to hold talks with Ankara on this issue.

In addition, according to a source in the ministry, the solution to the issue of dual registration is being delayed due to the inaction of the second party involved – the Bermudian authorities, who are in no hurry to respond to Moscow’s request to exclude a number of aircraft from their register.

Earlier, on October 5, it became known that Russian passenger airlines deregistered 87 aircraft from the Bermuda registry. Aircraft withdrawn from foreign registers are only 12% of the foreign aircraft fleet of the Russian Federation, which has 738 aircraft. All aircraft deregistered abroad are registered in the Russian registry.

At the end of March, Minister of Transport Vitaly Savelyev reported that airlines had formed a pool of 193 aircraft that could and continue to fly abroad. These are 148 Russian Superjet 100s, one Tu-204 and 44 Boeing and Airbus, the official said. Thus, the “clean” import fleet of the Russian Federation has grown by 43 aircraft in six months, or doubled.

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