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Troubled by slow Wi-Fi? Just change settings, large files will be downloaded immediately

Are you also bothered by the sudden decrease in Wi-Fi speed while working? If you are not getting such a good speed despite having a high speed broadband plan and a good router, then you need to pay special attention to the router. Work from home and online classes require more data for users. Broadband connection is required as it is difficult to perform many tasks on mobile data. Even if you spend a lot of money to get a broadband connection, if the internet is slow or you are having trouble watching videos, then you have to worry. This can also happen if the WiFi router is placed in the wrong place. If your broadband connection is not working properly then we are going to give you some simple tips which will definitely benefit you. Learn these simple tips and increase the speed of Wi-Fi like a rocket.

Upgrade the router

Upgrade the router: If you have a high speed internet plan, but you do not get half the speed, then your router may have a problem. If it’s been several years since you purchased your router (or modem / router combo), it’s probably time to upgrade. Wireless and Internet technology has changed a lot in the last few years and many routers that are 5 years old or older do not support the new technology. View your router model number and compare its features with your internet package.

Restart the device

Restart the device: Always remember, just like humans, devices need brakes. Sometimes it is better to reset the router in case of bad internet speed. If you are not getting good speed too, turn off your router, modem and then restart. You can also take the help of internet booster. There are different types of internet booster available in the market, ranging in price from mid range to high range. This will not only increase the speed of Wi-Fi in the house but also increase its range.

Where is the router antenna?

Where is the router antenna? WiFi speed depends on many things. There are many important things in this. Antenna position is also an important factor in WiFi speed. Try to keep the router’s antenna between 45 and 60 degrees. Always keep the WiFi router in an open space from where it can easily send signals, so that your internet speed can be doubled. If the antenna position is correct, the network will reach the right speed and you will not have any problem with the network while working.

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Place the router where the network is good

Keep the router in a place where the network is good: If the internet connection speed is low, there may be problems in the work. Even though reputable companies are using Wi-Fi, the speed of Wi-Fi network is not what it should be. This is often the complaint of many. Always try to keep the WiFi router in the center of the house to get a good network. This will give you a better network throughout the house. Its signals can be blocked by walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, appliances and any other large objects. The higher the WiFi router, the better signal it will give you.


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