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Tri-Foldable Phone: TCL introduced the world’s first functional tri-foldable phone, know what is special

TCL Unveils Groundbreaking Tri-Foldable Phone at SID 2024

TCL stole the show at the recent Society for Information Display (SID) 2024 exhibition with the world’s first functional tri-foldable phone. This innovative device builds upon a prototype TCL showcased five years ago in 2019. Let’s delve into the details of this revolutionary phone.

Unfolding a Tablet-Sized Display

The heart of the TCL phone lies in its “free-type” tri-foldable display. When unfolded, this display expands to a spacious 7.85 inches, resembling a tablet in size. Even when fully flattened, the display maintains a typical tablet aspect ratio, ensuring a comfortable viewing experience.

Unique Folding Mechanism and Remarkable Thinness

TCL addressed a major challenge faced by previous tri-foldable phones – thickness. Their innovative design boasts a remarkable thickness of just 427 microns, making it significantly slimmer than earlier iterations.

Under-Display Tech for Enhanced Security

The phone incorporates a cutting-edge “Sensor Under Panel” (SUP) design. This technology allows for 3D facial recognition through a sensor embedded beneath the display itself. This not only enhances security for mobile payments but also simplifies device unlocking. Impressively, both the regular display area and the SUP region maintain a consistent pixel density of 420PPI, delivering a seamless and uninterrupted visual experience.

Smooth Performance and Long Battery Life

The display boasts advanced LTPO technology. This allows the phone to dynamically adjust the refresh rate between 1Hz and 12Hz, optimizing performance for different tasks while minimizing power consumption. Durability is also a focus, with TCL claiming the display is built to withstand everyday use.

Future of Tri-Foldables: What’s Next?

While TCL hasn’t revealed their commercialization plans for this tri-foldable phone, it’s clear they’re at the forefront of this exciting technology. Other companies, like Huawei, are also in the race, with rumors suggesting a potential Huawei tri-foldable phone with a massive 10-inch display launching later this year.

The future of mobile technology seems to be unfolding in new and exciting ways, and TCL’s innovative tri-foldable phone is a glimpse into what the future might hold.


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