Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Travel distance 29 200 km and 7000 machines on board. Giant ship BYD entered the Atlantic Ocean for the first time

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The first transport ship BYD Explorer No.1., designed to transport cars, first entered the Atlantic Ocean through the Cape of Good Hope and is headed to Europe.

Recall, the company BYD Auto reported that on January 15, 2024, the cargo ship BYD Explorer No.1 was sent on its maiden flight from the international logistics port of Siam.

Its length is 199,9 m, width is 38 m, projected draft is 9 m, and the calculated speed reaches 18,5 knots (34,3 km/h). The vessel is designed to transport 7000 passenger cars. The travel distance reaches 29 200 km.

The hull uses BYD battery technology and a wave generator system. The wave generator works as an auxiliary engine for the main propulsion of the ship. After reaching the nominal indicators of operation, the generator switches to generator mode, which allows to reduce the load on the main generators of the ship or completely disconnect one of them.

In the next two years, BYD will enter into operation seven more ships.

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