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Train Luggage: After air travel, railways take steps, carrying more luggage will be fined

Train Luggage : Whenever you leave the house to travel by train, then definitely check, what is the weight of the luggage you are taking. Or the stuff that you do not need, they are not being taken. If so, then it would be appropriate to remove it, otherwise the railways will charge you a fine.

Railways took steps after air travel
When you travel by plane, you can carry only a few kilograms of luggage for free for the journey. For carrying baggage in excess of the limit, passengers have to pay extra charges for the same in addition to the ticket. Now the same rule is applicable even while traveling by train. If passengers travel with more baggage than the prescribed limit, then they will have to pay a fine.

so much luggage on 1 passenger

    • Rail passengers whose tickets are in AC First Class can carry luggage up to 70 Kg free of cost.
    • If you are traveling by AC Second Class then you can carry 50 Kg of luggage free of cost.
    • Such passengers whose ticket in AC Third Class can travel with up to 40 Kg of luggage free of cost.
    • Sleeper Class passengers can carry 40 Kg and Second Class passengers can carry up to 35 Kg luggage. Meaning, if the passenger has a ticket, then he will not have to pay any fee for luggage up to so many kilograms.
    • Passengers can carry luggage of 100CM×60CM×25CM (Length×Thickness×Height) with them in the Passenger Compartment. For baggage exceeding this, passengers will have to book a brake van. However, this rule is out of date. No new changes have been made in this.
    • Passengers will have to pay extra at the Baggage Counter if they are carrying more than the prescribed weight. If they do not do so, then the passengers may have to pay a fine of up to 6 times.

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