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Traffic rules for two wheeler in India, if you drive a Bike-or Scooty wearing slippers get challan

Traffic Rules & Regulations: As per the Motor Vehicles Act, you must wear certain things while driving or driving in India. As per the rules, it is necessary to wear completely closed shoes while driving a two wheeler.

Traffic Rules & Regulations – Transport Department:  The Government of India is becoming increasingly strict regarding traffic rules and safety violations. To implement the same, many changes have been made in the guidelines and other aspects of vehicle making, but we are not talking about that today. Today we will talk about lesser known traffic rules. The ones you should know about. So that you do not break any rules and you do not have to pay a fine. You must of course be aware of the rules like wearing a helmet while riding and things like that, but did you know, as per the law, you are not allowed to drive a two wheeler wearing sleepers or ‘slippers’. Today we are giving you information about such rules.

Riding with ‘Chappals’


Two driving licences

If a person is found to have two driving licenses, then that person will have to pay a fine. If you are found to have two licenses, you will be challaned for the offence.

phone use

We all know that talking or using phone while driving can definitely get you challaned, but there is an exception to this, any rider/driver while operating his vehicle should use his phone for navigation purpose only. is allowed to use. You will definitely get fined for using it for anything else. Those found violating the law can be fined up to Rs 5,000.

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Two Wheeler


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