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Traffic Challan: 4 thousand rupees challan can be deducted just by blowing the horn, do not use in these areas

Challan For Honking Horn: There is important information for the people doing the traffic. Actually, whenever people take bikes or taxes out, they follow many rules of traffic, but some rules are ignored knowingly or unknowingly. Traffic rules have been made for the convenience of the passengers on the road and the passengers do not have to face any kind of problems. In such a situation, if you follow the traffic rules, then you can also avoid the challan being deducted by the police. On the other hand, for violating the rules, you may have to pay a challan. Also Read – New Traffic Rules: Now drive your car without tension, your smartphone will save you from deducting challan, know-how

The amount of fine is huge
under the new Motor Vehicle Rules prepared by the Central Government, the amount of challan is very high. In such a situation, it affects the pocket of the common man. Although many times we violate the rules knowingly and sometimes we are violating the rules every day but until the traffic police stop or challan is not issued on that matter, we do not even know about some rules. it occurs. In such a situation, we are going to tell you about the rules related to the horn. Horn which is used by people knowingly, unknowingly, meaningless. Because if you do not know this rule then you may have to pay a heavy challan. Also Read – Chopped challan of MP’s car for breaking traffic rules, police put a lock in the tire; Only after paying…

Do not blow horn in no horn zone
If you have come out of your car or bike and you are in a no horn zone i.e. a place where horn is prohibited and you blow horn there, then your challan can be deducted. . In this regard, you may have to pay Rs 4000 as challan. Therefore it is suggested not to blow the horn even by forgetting in the no horn zone. In such a situation, instead of sounding the horn, passengers can save themselves from challans by using dippers in such areas. Because the dipper serves as a signal in a way. Also Read – Up News: A fine of 16 thousand rupees was cut off the motorcycle, then the young man tried to commit suicide along with the family.


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