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Toyota Data Leak: Undetected for 10 years, ‘threat’ hovering over customers’ data

Data leak of Toyota customers at risk.

Toyota data breach: A big case of data breach has come to light in the auto sector. Toyota informed that the data of its 21.5 lakh customers will last for 10 years. public domain Stayed in This data was available to everyone from November 2013 till April this year. Anyone could misuse the customer’s data. However, the company clarified that there has been no tampering with customer data. Please tell that Toyota is the world’s largest vehicle selling company.

The risk of data leak was seen in the system of an auto company which is the world’s number one company in terms of vehicle sales. The Japanese company provides services like automatic driving and artificial intelligence based features. However, the data of more than 21 lakh users being open to everyone for 10 years is really a big event.

Malfunction in cloud system

Customer data was left open due to a fault in the setting of Toyota’s cloud system. In this, details like the location of the vehicles and the identification number of the vehicles were in front of everyone. The company said that no report related to misuse of data has been received.

The data leak affected customers who signed up for the T-Connect network service from early 2012 till April 2017. Toyota has apologized to the customers regarding the data breach. Customers of Toyota’s luxury brand Lexus have also faced a data breach. The data of customers using G-Link remained open.

human error error

A Toyota spokesperson said the incident was caused by human error. Because of this, the cloud system was set for public instead of private. He further informed that the company will introduce systems for continuous audit and monitoring of cloud settings.

The Personal Information Protection Commission of Japan has been informed about this matter. According to media reports, keeping the tradition of not speaking in personal matters, the commission has not said anything on Toyota’s case as well.

Major incidents of data leak in Japan

However, Toyota says that external access was closed after the fault was detected. Apart from this, all cloud systems managed by Toyota Connected Corp will be investigated. Let us tell you that big incidents of personal data leaks keep coming to the fore in Japan.

In March, mobile carrier company NTT DoCoMo said that data of up to 5.29 million customers may have been leaked. This has happened through a company doing outsourcing work for the telecom company.


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