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Toyota affected by cyber attack, stopped work for a day in factories in Japan

Japan’s big automaker Toyota has had to stop its work due to cyber attack. The company has said that it is suspending operations at all its domestic plants for a day after receiving information about a cyber attack on its ‘part supplier’. In a statement, the company said that due to a system failure of a supplier in Japan, the company has decided to suspend its operations at all 14 domestic plants on March 1.

Nikkei newspaper Told That Toyota took this decision after a suspected cyber attack on a parts manufacturer supplying Toyota. However, the company’s spokesperson denied any comment. According to a news agency report, the suspension of operations will affect the production of 13,000 vehicles. Significantly, Toyota is one of the top selling automakers in the world. The company has already had to cut its targets due to the supply chain issues caused by the Corona epidemic and the worldwide chip crisis.

Another news related to Toyota according to The company is also working on a vehicle with Japan’s space agency. Getting ready to land it on the Moon. The company wants to help people live on the Moon by the year 2040 and is preparing to go to Mars after that. In a report recently, company officials had told that this vehicle being developed with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency has been named Lunar Cruiser. The name is dedicated to Toyota’s Land Cruiser sport utility vehicle.

Takao Sato, Head of Toyota Motor’s Lunar Cruiser Project, said the idea behind this vehicle is that people eat, work, sleep and communicate safely in cars. The same is done outside of space. That is, the vehicle is being prepared on the same lines.

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Gitai Japan, a contracting company with Toyota, has developed a robotic arm for the Lunar Cruiser. It has been designed for tasks like project inspection and maintenance. Its ‘grapple fixture’ can also replace the arm’s end, which can then function as a scooping, lifting and sweeping machine. Gitai’s chief executive Nakanos said working in space would cost the astronauts a great deal and put them at risk. In such a situation, only these robots will come in handy.


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