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Touch VR for $ 4,500: gloves released to feel objects in virtual reality

One of the problems of virtual reality is that users cannot touch objects in it. And now the company HaptX presented a solution to this problem. Called the HaptX G1, the device is a pair of gloves that simulates touching objects in a VR environment.

Inside each glove are 135 actuators. They press against the part of the hand that touches anything in the metaverse. The drives are powered by compressed air, which is supplied from a backpack on the back.

Each glove weighs 450 grams, and the backpack is almost 8 kg. All this can work up to 3 hours. Compatibility with Unreal Engine and Unity games is declared, and there are versions for adults and children. The most interesting thing is that this is a serial product, not a concept.

The cost is $ 4,500 for one pair, but so far we are collecting pre-orders. The first customers will receive the device in the second half of 2023. It is not yet clear when the novelty will fully enter the market and in which countries it will be available.

Previously reportedthat China intends to bring 25 million VR headsets to market by 2026, so such gloves will certainly come in handy.

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