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Top five cons of the redesigned Windows 11

  1. Centering the taskbar… According to the author, this solution has an unobvious drawback – moving all icons to the left when opening a new program (unless its icon is on the bottom panel). Of course, Windows 11 owners have the ability to move everything to the left, as it was on Windows 10, and in general, there is now a transition to the location of various content in the center, including on all kinds of sites. However, the author proposes to slightly change the approach: set a fixed width of the taskbar with free and non-free slots (like in MMORPG).

Also, there is nothing in the left corner now in the new version of Windows – emptiness. Tertiumnon thinks that it could instead add a docking function to the taskbar, arbitrarily or automatically horizontally, “calculating the padding from the left edge and the system tray so that they are the same.”

  1. Taskbar icons… First of all, it is not immediately clear when using Windows 11, what the gray bars under the icons mean. In fact, the long one is the “active window”, and the short one is “the window is open but not active.” Instead, the author suggested that a wide bar should signal that the program is ready to use, and a narrow one – that it is being loaded or some important process is running in it.
  1. Start button… For some reason, the designers placed the on / off button on the right, not the left, as it was on Windows 10. According to user tertiumnon, it would be much more convenient if it was located separately at all – in the left corner of the lower taskbar. In addition, instead of recommended and recent files, the author would place the applications that he uses most often.
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