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top 5 whatsapp tricks call recording and read deleted messages and much more

Top-5 WhatsApp Tricks 2022: From call recording to deleted messages can be seen; Try today

Top-5 WhatsApp Tricks 2022: WhatsApp has many features every year, which are quite tremendous. This year also saw amazing features on WhatsApp, which users liked very much. With the help of third party apps, you can do many great things, whether it is call recording or viewing deleted messages. Let’s know about the 5 tips and tricks that rocked in 2022.

WhatsApp Call Recording

top 5 whatsapp tricks 2022 call recording read deleted messages and much more

WhatsApp does not facilitate call recording, but you can do so with the help of third party apps. You have to download an app named Cube ACR from the Play Store. After installing you will have to remove some permissions. After which you will be able to record all the calls.

How To Read WhatsApp Deleted Messages

How To Read WhatsApp Deleted Messages

Deleted messages cannot be read on WhatsApp. But with the help of third party app it is possible. You have to download an app called Get Deleted Messages from the Play Store. Some Permissions have to be brought. After that you will be able to read the deleted message easily. But if your chat is open and the front has deleted after sending the message, then you will not be able to read it. Delete messages in a locked phone can be easily read.

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WhatsApp Voice Messages

WhatsApp Voice Messages

On WhatsApp you can record long voice messages in different time intervals. All you have to do is press on the mic icon and slide the lock icon upwards. Recording of voice messages will begin. You can also pause with red mic. 

WhatsApp Online Status

WhatsApp Online Status

WhatsApp also brings many privacy features. You can turn off online status with this trick. This will not let anyone know if you are online or not. It will also hide when was the last time you went online. For this you have to go to Privacy in Settings. After that, click on Last Scene and online. Then tap on ‘Same Age Last Scene’ in Nobody. 

WhatsApp Undo Delete Message
WhatsApp Undo Delete Message

If you have accidentally deleted for every one instead of delete for every one on WhatsApp, the message cannot be seen again. But the new facility has made the work easier. If accidentally deleted for me, then undo can be brought back. 


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