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Top 5 programs for beginners and professional designers

On the Internet, there is only talk about IT. But this is not the only area that is gaining momentum. Graphics, print materials, design of landing pages and selling websites are one of the most promising areas today. We talk about five programs for beginners and experienced designers.

Top 5 programs for beginners and professional designers


One of the most popular programs for web designers. Everything is done in it – from buttons, icons and other interface elements to full-fledged multi-page sites with a shopping cart, complex animation and special effects. At the same time, Figma is available to individual users for free – you only need to pay for multi-user packages.

The main advantage is the ability to collectively view projects and work on them online. With Figma, the designer does not need to store files on the computer. And if you make changes to the project, you do not need to save it again every time and send the next file to the customer – you just need to update the layout by clicking on the link and logging into your account from any device.

InVision Studio

A full-fledged cross-platform program for a UX / UI specialist who creates interfaces, website elements, and even animations. The software allows you to make prototypes and implement the final design. Navigation is simple and familiar to anyone who has had at least some experience of interacting with graphic editors. Application tools also allow you to create interactive elements.

Top 5 programs for beginners and professional designers

Working in graphic editors is much easier on devices with a large screen and good color reproduction. The 16.1-inch display of the Honor MagicBook 16 laptop is equipped with an IPS matrix with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels and supports 100% sRGB color gamut. And the semi-matt surface reflects the bright glare of the sun or lamps that interfere with doing business.

Adobe Photoshop

A basic and universal program with which every designer interacts in one way or another. The software allows you to edit photos and graphics, as well as create images in a raster. The interface is intuitive and includes many retouching and painting tools. In addition, Photoshop allows you to work even with 3D graphics.

The program serves as a professional tool for several professions at once – photographers, artists, illustrators, designers and even layout designers. If you are just starting out as a designer, it’s worth getting to know Adobe Photoshop, because sooner or later you will need to edit an image or use a tool that is not available in other applications.

Top 5 programs for beginners and professional designers

Adobe Illustrator

The program is intended for artists who draw vector illustrations, as well as for designers of various directions. It is used to create posters, product packaging, postcards, business cards and other promotional materials, from which they then create files for publication on the Internet or printed on paper.

An extensive set of tools includes brushes, fonts, and various effects. Illustrator is compatible with the rest of the software from the Adobe package. This is an advantage for everyone who works with other company programs. After all, they support files from different applications – if necessary, you can easily open the data in PSD or another extension to make changes.


This 3D editor is accessible to beginners as it is open source and completely free. At the same time, the program is also used by professionals working on the creation of detailed three-dimensional graphics – in terms of the number of functions and creative possibilities, the software is not inferior to paid counterparts.

Top 5 programs for beginners and professional designers

The starter pack weighs no more than 100 MB and requires only 500 MB of free disk space, and the processor must be no older than 2010. Requirements fit even modest laptops, not to mention more powerful models. Say, Honor MagicBook 16, equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5 5600H processor, will allow you to work in the program without delay.

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