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Top 5 most fuel efficient bikes in India in 150 160cc, these are sports bikes with good mileage

top 5 most fuel efficient bikes in India 2024

Bikes with good mileage are helpful in saving money. If you are looking for a 150-160cc bike with good mileage, then here is a list of some two-wheelers. You can take a look at these before buying a new bike.

Many new bikes have come in the Indian market in recent years. In terms of features, these new bikes are also quite amazing. Even though the new features definitely succeed in attracting the buyers, the mileage of the bike also matters a lot for them. Actually, the mileage of the bike has a direct connection with the pockets of the customers. In such a situation, bikes with good mileage put less burden on people’s pockets. These days, if you are looking for a bike which is much better in mileage, then this news can be useful for you.

In the last few years, the number of sports bikes in 150-160cc segment has increased rapidly in the Indian market. There are many such bikes which are better in giving mileage. Before buying a new bike, you can take a look at some of the two-wheelers given here.

Honda SP160 / Unicorn (Mileage: 60-65 kmpl)

Honda sp160-1

Honda currently has two bikes available in the 150-160cc segment in the Indian market, Unicorn and SP160. Both these bikes are equipped with single-cylinder, air-cooled technology based 162.7cc engine. The engine installed in Unicorn is capable of giving 60 km mileage using one liter of fuel, whereas the engine installed in SP160 claims a mileage of 65 km per liter. Apart from good mileage, the engine installed in SP160 also generates more power than the Unicorn. The engine of SP160  generates power of 13.27 bhp whereas the engine installed in Unicorn generates power of only 12.73 bhp.

TVS Apache RTR 160 (Mileage: 60 kmpl)


TVS still sells its old RTR 160 in 2 valve head. It has a 159.7cc air-cooled engine. This engine generates power of 15.82 bhp and peak torque of 13.85 Nm. TVS claims that Apache RTR 160 gives a mileage of 60 km using one liter of fuel. Its price is Rs 1.20 lakh (ex-showroom).

Hero Xtreme 160R (Mileage: 49 kmpl)


Like the TVS Apache, Hero also offers the Xtreme 160R in two avatars – 2-valve head and 4-valve head. It has a 160cc, air-cooled engine which generates 15 bhp power and 14Nm torque. Talking about mileage, the Xtreme 160R bike with 2-valve head covers a distance of 49 km using one liter of fuel.

Bajaj Pulsar N160 (Mileage: 51.6 kmpl)

Bajaj pulsar-n160

This is one of the new generation Pulsar models which is much better in terms of performance. The company claims that this Bajaj bike gives a mileage of 51.6 km using one liter of fuel. The price of Bajaj Pulsar N160 in the Indian market is Rs 1.33 lakh (ex-showroom).

Bajaj Pulsar N150 (Mileage: 47.5 kmpl)


Pulsar N150 gives less mileage as compared to Pulsar N160. The new generation 150cc Pulsar claims a mileage of 47 km in one liter of fuel. This bike is available in the Indian market between Rs 1.18 lakh to Rs 1.33 lakh (both ex-showroom).


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