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Top 5 Features of Whatsapp in 2022 Hotly Discussed, See Benefits

The number of smartphone users in India is in the billions. Many of them use Whatsapp. Whatsapp company also brings new and different features for its users. In the year 2022, the company has introduced many amazing features. These features include organization and now even group calls. Due to these features, the experience of the users has increased. Many people are using WhatsApp as an instant messaging app from chatting to texting. The company is continuously making many changes in the platform to provide new facilities and new features to the users. Also updating. WhatsApp has released many new features and updates in 2022. It includes some features. From this report, we are giving you information about the top 5 features rolled out in 2022. Know the details.

Hide online status

WhatsApp last month rolled out Hide Online Status feature to hide online status. In this feature, users can heighten online status as per their wish. After this, users’ contacts will not see their online status. In this feature, the user is given two options for privacy. In which one option all contacts can see your online status. So in second option you can hide online status for all contacts.

WhatsApp feature

In second option you can hide online status for all contacts. With this feature of WhatsApp, users have full control over their online status. With the help of these features, you can decide who you want to see your online status. That means your online status can be different for different people. This feature works like status feature of WhatsApp. In which users can get the option of (Who Can See).

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Message Reaction

This year, WhatsApp has rolled out a new feature of emoji reactions for message reactions. With the help of these features, you can react differently to different messages. Earlier, WhatsApp had released an option to reply to messages. This is really a great feature. It made the chatting experience great. Personal replies to messages are also fun.

​Message Yourself

WhatsApp has released a new feature Message Yourself to further enhance the user experience. This feature was already released for testing. Actually this is 1.1 chat. With this you can save notes, reminders and documents. Can send messages to yourself. Message Yourself features are introduced as multi-device support. With the help of this new feature of WhatsApp, you can maintain to-do list, shopping list, notes etc. Also can use it to remember necessary notes, reminders and updates.


With the help of WhatsApp’s avatar features, users can not only design their own avatar but also share it with people and friends. These features were previously used on Facebook and other messenger apps. WhatsApp’s new avatar feature doubles the fun of running the app. You can easily create your avatar from the new feature. It can be applied to WhatsApp DP. Along with the WhatsApp profile photo, users can use this avatar as a chat sticker in chatting. That is, you can change your avatar into a sticker and send it while chatting.

Undo button in Delete for me option

WhatsApp has released an Undo button for Delete for Me option. With the help of this feature, accidentally deleted messages can be retrieved. That is, now users can bring back the deleted messages after accidentally tapping the delete for me option. The biggest advantage of this feature of WhatsApp is that many of us delete messages from groups in a hurry. Tap on Delete for me option instead of Delete for everyone. After that this message is deleted from the chat. But, another member sees that message.


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