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top 5 AI Music Generators

In the age of exploding Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements, music creation isn’t just for seasoned musicians anymore. AI music generators are here to lend a hand, especially for those seeking unique soundtracks to elevate their Reels or video projects.

Here’s a look at five AI music generators that can spark your creativity:

1. Suno: Free Text-to-Music Magic

Suno is a free, text-based music generator that conjures up original tunes in seconds. While signing in with your email, Discord, Gmail, or Microsoft account is required, the benefits are plenty. You can choose between instrumental tracks or lyric-infused pieces.

Suno lets you download or copy the song link for seamless integration into your video or personal listening. For basic music generation needs, Suno even integrates as a Microsoft Copilot plugin. The only catch? The free plan limits you to 50 songs per month. Upgrading to a subscription starting at $8 per month unlocks unlimited music generation.

2. SongR: Effortless Music in Your Browser

If signing up feels like a chore, SongR is your answer. This browser-based tool whips up fresh music in seconds. Simply pick your preferred genre, throw in a few keywords, and SongR will craft lyrics to match. Feeling more creative? You can even write your own lyrics and have the AI generate music that complements your theme.

3. MusicFX: Quick Hits (Unavailable in India)

Developed MusicFX joins the free AI music generation party, accessible directly from your web browser. While MusicFX boasts lightning-fast music creation, there are limitations. The generated pieces lack vocals and are capped at 70 seconds in length. Additionally, as of now, MusicFX is unavailable for users in India.

4. Riffusion: Lyrics-Driven Inspiration

Riffusion takes a unique approach compared to its counterparts. Instead of dictating music style, users start by typing lyrics. The AI then generates music that it deems best fits the provided text. While creating an account is optional, signing up unlocks features like downloading specific sections of the track. However, these snippets are only 12 seconds long, making them ideal for short video segments or Reels.

5. Copyright-Free Music at Your Fingertips rounds out our list as another free text-to-music generator. It allows users to create copyright-free music within seconds. Unlike some options mentioned earlier, requires registration before you can embark on your musical journey.

Once signed up, will ask about the intended purpose of your music. You can then type in keywords or a description in the search bar, prompting the AI to generate music for you. If the initial offering isn’t a perfect fit, provides three alternative tracks. Additionally, you can tweak the genre and instruments used on the fly to further personalize your creation.

With these AI music generators at your disposal, crafting the perfect soundtrack for your next video project is just a click away. So, unleash your inner musician and experiment with these tools to bring your creative vision to life!


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