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Top 3 most useless weight loss diets

Nutritionist of the highest category Svetlana Fus named three popular diets that are actually useless. In addition, blindly following them can harm the body.

The expert said that low-calorie, low-carb and detox diets are useless. They are not based on the principles of healthy eating, but on fashion trends, restrictions and prohibitions. These diets have a temporary effect.

Proper nutrition, according to the expert, is not a diet, but a daily diet enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, and you do not need to exclude any specific foods. And you need to stick to the habit of eating right all your life, and not for a while.

You don’t have to pass out on healthy fats and cook in a dry skillet without oil. No need to throw away egg yolks, red apples and give dinner to the enemy. Eat real food, well-balanced, and still lose weight and feel good.

Svetlana Fus
Nutritionist of the highest category

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