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Top 10 Social Meida networking in India

In modern times, the way of making friends and connecting with people has changed tremendously and these new age methods include online solutions like social media apps. Being social and connecting with people is an essential key to better mental and emotional health. In such a situation, a social media platform is such a platform where you can easily start a dialogue with anyone. Friendships and relationships flourish on social platforms and deepen without meeting the person.

Social platforms not only help people to be socially active but are also our source of news and entertainment. Social platforms are a great way to connect with people around the world, stay in touch, share pictures, videos and other media content, and build virtual relationships with like-minded people.


Facebook is a major popular social platform among Facebook users, which has attracted all the youth since its inception in the year 2004 and now it has become the choice of people of all ages. With 2.23 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a simple platform for people around the world to connect, chat, share media, create groups and make new friends.

Anyone on Facebook can express their thoughts and feelings by posting various status messages, and even let the whole world know about your current travel location and activity. Currently, this platform is extensively used to create pages to promote businesses, companies, products, movies, shows and celebrities.


This social platform is very popular among the youth.  Instagram has the ability to allow users to share photos and videos in their feeds and share what you are doing while easily connecting with friends.

Instagram lets users take a picture with their phone’s camera and use its various filters to turn it into artwork that you can apply to the photo. You can also post them on other popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter and use this as your investable marketing platform.

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WhatsApp is such a chatting app that is found in almost every mobile. It has made communication with friends extremely easy. This app has become a part of our daily use. Along with chatting on WhatsApp, this social app also provides features like group chat, video calling, story sharing.

The most attractive feature of WhatsApp is WhatsApp calling which is free and a convenient option to communicate. The WhatsApp app currently has 1.5 billion monthly active users. WhatsApp allows anyone to post stories and update photos and status messages that everyone in your phonebook can see.


is the most popular and best social video platform among users for watching YouTube video content, on this platform, along with news and entertainment videos from around the world, videos related to home needs are easily found. Almost every type of content is available on this platform including user shows, movies, standup flicks, interviews, talk shows.

On YouTube one can create one’s own channel and post videos while earning subscribers which enables gradual recognition and monetary gains as well. YouTube now has over 1.8 billion users every month and with such a huge network, any video can go viral in no time.


This social platform proves to be very helpful for people’s professional life. LinkedIn is the perfect place for users to find jobs according to their needs and preferences. For this just create a LinkedIn profile and get started. It is easy to operate and you can also make new connections to enjoy maximum opportunities for your career.


Twitter is a very popular social networking site which is generally known for the use of popular celebrities or celebrities. On this platform, a common man can directly express his opinion on the post of a celebrity. People of different ideologies can also argue with each other on Twitter. Twitter is a better platform to know what’s going on in the world. Micro-blogging site Twitter has an average of 335 million monthly active users worldwide.


Telegram is known for its high security features. In no time it has become one of the largest social networking sites across the world, mainly focused on speed and privacy. Telegram has become a special choice for active Indian users after WhatsApp’s recent privacy update blunder. Telegram is a secure messaging app that has become extremely popular.


Snapchat is the favorite app of the youth. It is one of the most popular social media apps. Snapchat offers teens the best way to interact socially, while simultaneously making them look great. In addition to connecting and following friends, the app offers more exciting features including news, entertainment, games, quizzes, photo and video-editing tools, and more.

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With visual ideas on Pinterest, users are able to discover exciting possibilities in every field that are shared by people around the world. It is a hybrid of a visual search engine and social media platform with 150 million monthly users.


In the new era, the craze of short video app among teenagers has increased tremendously. Josh is one of the most popular short video apps in India. It works just like Tiktok. It provides content in various languages ​​including English, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and others. Josh has over 50 million downloads so far. More than 3.26 lakh users have given this short video platform an average rating of 4.2.

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