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Toll Tax Rules: Nitin Gadkari’s announcement, there will be change in toll tax rules; Money will not be deducted from FASTag

Nitin Gadkari on Toll Tax: Weighing the central minister at the central for some time, the videio of Iveen Gadkari has been going viral. Speaking in the Lok Sabha, Gadkari said that the 26 Green Expressways will be built in the country. They said new rules will also be issued for toll tax. The viral videio of the Union Minister provides information about the changes related to travel on the highway. But these changes from the ivehan and the department will affect crores of drivers.

India will equal America in matters of roads
They told that after the Green Express Way was formed, the distance from The Li to Dehradun and The Idwar from The Li could be fixed in two hours. He told that the bowl from the cilley can be reached in six hours and the leli to Jaipur in two and a half hours. After the Green Express Way is formed, India will equal America in road matters. The Union Minister also said that becoming a green address will also change the rules and technology to collect toll tax.

‘ GPS’ system will be installed in cars!
Along with becoming the Green Express Way, the government is also vying on new and complexes to recover toll tax in the coming ones. It may have ‘ GPS’ ( GPS) system installed in cars under the first option. It will charge toll tax based on the location of the car from ‘ GPS ’. As soon as the car is different from the express way, the money from the kilometer will be cut from your bank account. The second is associated with the modern number plate. Planning is going on for this too. That is, money will not be deducted from the tag in the coming ones.

Gadkari also said that if the ilhal does not pay any toll tax right now, then there is no provision of punishment in this way. Preparations are going on to bring this to the top of Lake Ein coming to the people. After this, if someone comes to pay toll tax, then legal action can be taken against him.

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