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Toll tax on car parked at home cut in Haryana, this fraud will happen to you too

If this happens to you, then immediately complain about it to the police station.

A strange incident has come to light with a car owner. The car owner’s car was parked at his house in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh and his toll tax was deducted in Haryana. When the car owner got the message of toll tax deduction, he was stunned. After which he complained about it to the Fast Tag operator and the police station.

According to media reports, the car owner is a resident of Aligarh and had a car registered in Delhi. On February 28, the car owner receives a message of toll tax of Rs 130 and this tax was deducted on the road in Haryana. After all this happened, the car owner complained to the police and the Fastag provider and got his Fastag blocked.

How did such a big fraud happen?

The car owner had gone somewhere in his car on 23 February, when he came to know that the number plate of the car was not present. He thought that the number plate of the car had fallen somewhere, due to which he applied online for a new HSRP number plate and forgot the whole matter. But as soon as the message of toll tax deduction came on his mobile number, he was shocked.

This became possible due to NPR reading

In this regard, toll experts say that along with Fastag reading, number plate reading cameras are also installed at big tolls across the country. When the Fastag of a vehicle cannot be read due to any technical reason or it does not have a Fastag, then the NPR camera gets activated immediately. Within a few moments, the operator reads the complete details of the vehicle with the help of the number plate from that camera. It also helps in knowing whether there is Fastag on this vehicle or not. If so, is there balance in it or not? If there is balance then toll will be deducted and if not then the operator will take cash payment. If the balance is deducted, a message will be sent to the vehicle owner of the concerned number plate.

It is not difficult for such an incident to happen. Many times people do not bring the Fastag scanner with the car and forget it at home. Even then, online payment of toll can be done with the help of NPR camera. In such cases, it is important that even if your number plate has fallen, get your Fastag blocked immediately. So that no one can misuse that number plate.


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