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Today railways canceled 237 trains, before leaving home, check the list of canceled trains

Railway is considered to be the lifeline of the country. Every day crores of people travel by train and railways also operates a large number of trains. Even today, a large section of people in the country prefer to travel by train. In view of the large number of people, the railways also takes full care of the convenience of the passengers. Summer vacations are about to start in a few days. In such a situation, the crowd suddenly increases in this season in the train. Railways is also running many summer special trains so that people can easily get reservation in trains. But, sometimes due to different reasons, railways have to cancel, reschedule or divert trains.

Today, Railways has canceled a large number of trains either fully or partially. There are many different reasons behind canceling, diverting or rescheduling trains. The first reason is bad weather. Sometimes trains have to be canceled due to bad weather like storm, storm and rain. At the same time, repair of rail tracks is also a reason behind the cancellation of trains. Every day thousands of trains pass through the tracks. In such a situation, it is also necessary to repair the tracks and maintain them properly. Today trains have been canceled due to different reasons.

Railways canceled 207 trains completely, 30 trains partially canceled
Today, Railways has decided to cancel a total of 237 trains, in which 207 trains are completely canceled, 30 trains have been partially cancelled. 207 trains including Bhagalpur-Sahibganj (03037/03038), Shahjahanpur-Balamau (04306/04305), Bhagalpur-Azimganj (03440/03339), Sitapur-Shahjahanpur (04305/04306) have been completely canceled. On the other hand, 30 trains including Shahjahanpur-Lucknow (04320), Malda Town-Azimganj (03438) have been partially canceled. Apart from this, 3 trains have been rescheduled and 17 trains have been diverted. If you also want to check the list of today’s canceled trains, then check like this-

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Check the list of canceled trains like this-

    • To check the list of canceled and partially canceled trains, first of all click on the website of
    • Check the list of canceled, diverted and rescheduled trains according to today’s date.
    • Click on Cancel List.


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