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To save electricity, remove just one thing from the house, the bill will start coming down by 3 thousand


New Delhi. Electricity bill becomes a lot of trouble in the summer season. In such a situation, if you also want to save electricity bill, then you also have to make changes in some things in the house. You can also save electricity bill every month by making changes in some things. If you make changes in some things, then every month you will save 3 thousand rupees. But for this you need to make a lot of changes.

how to save electricity bill

Saving on electricity bill means you have to use less of some things. In summer, the highest electricity bill increases by AC, in such a situation you have to take care of AC the most. Inverter ACs are coming these days, if old Non-Inverter AC is being installed in your house then you can install new AC. Also do not forget to take 45 Star Rating AC. Because with this AC you can easily get your electricity bill reduced.

Apart from this, you can also make many other changes. Like servicing of AC is also very important. Many times, in the event of no AC service, you run the AC, but it does not do cooling at all. Today we are going to tell you the same, in this you can tell a lot of electricity bill even by doing service. Because once the service is done, the cooling of AC will double. After cooling, the AC also starts giving clean air.

Now who consumes the second highest electricity bill in the house. It also includes the name of the geyser. Now you must be thinking that how can geysers consume more electricity in the summer season? But this winter can definitely create new tension for you. So you can make changes in it as well. You can also install a gas geyser in the house by making changes. The gas geyser also works quite well. Gas geyser heats water very easily.

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