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To keep users safe from Aadhar abuse, UIDAI launches ‘this’ service, one SMS will work

New Delhi: Aadhar card is one such document. Without it, many important tasks can be accomplished. From hotel booking to getting a job and opening a bank account, Aadhar card is required. In such a situation, if the Aadhaar card is lost somewhere, we too may find ourselves in big trouble. Lost Aadhar card can also be misused. To prevent misuse of the base UIDAI It also allows you to lock the base. If you wish, you can also lock it if you lose support. Therefore, Aadhar card cannot be misused. Aadhaar holders can lock and unlock their Aadhaar number via SMS. UIDAI has launched a service called ‘Aadhaar Services over SMS’. Which enables Aadhaar holders to lock and unlock Aadhaar without internet.

Create a virtual ID to lock / unlock Aadhaar via SMS:

Learn how you can prevent Aadhaar from being misused by using SMS service. With the help of this service, a virtual ID can be created to lock / unlock Aadhaar via SMS. To create Aadhar Card Virtual ID, first go to your mobile’s SMS box and type GVIDAadhaa-Number-last-4-digits. After that, drop the last 4 digits of Aadhaar number and send 1947 number. After that your virtual ID will be generated. After that, to get the OTP, you type this GETOTPAadhaar-NUMBER-last-4-digit and enter the 1947 number. To retrieve OTP, you need to type and send GETOTPVirtual ID-NUMBER-last-6-digit.

How to lock / unlock Aadhaar number with SMS service? To lock and unlock Aadhar card via SMS, you need to send 2 messages. After generating the Virtual ID, you can send another message to LOCKUIDAadhaar Number – Last 4-digits OTP-6-digits 1947 number. On the other hand, if multiple Aadhaar cards are linked to one number, you can also lock Aadhaar by texting LOCKUIDAAadhaar Number-last-8-digitsOTP-6- digit. To unlock, you can unlock your Aadhar card by sending UNLOCKUIDVirtual-ID-last-10-digitsOTP-6-digit to 1947 number.

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