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Tired of Spam Calls? How does your number reach these people; Block With This Trick

How To Block Spam Calls: It has become a common thing to get Spam Calls on the phone. Often the question arises in the mind that how does the mobile number reach these people. Let’s tell how spam callers get your number.

How To Block Spam Calls: Spam calls have become a common thing. Now more unnecessary calls are received than urgent calls. Sometimes there are calls to take a loan and sometimes there are calls for insurance. There are some such calls, even after cutting them, calls keep coming again and again. Even if they are blocked, calls start coming from other numbers. Often the question arises in the mind that how does the mobile number reach these people. Let’s tell how spam callers get your number.

Where do spam callers get your number?

Spam calls and messages are very disturbing. Let us tell you, this is the beginning of the breach of your personal data. You mobile number is not just a number, but linked to a data set. This data contains your name, age and all the necessary information. When you share your number or personal information with someone, it gets shared further. Suppose you are on a website, where you enter your number and name to know or order something, then that data is saved.

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it’s your fault

It’s not that someone is calling you randomly. Like you have been told above that as soon as you enter your information on any website, then your mobile number gets leaked and calls start coming on the phone. The same happens with loans and banking related services.

people become victims

Many people have also become victims of phishing due to such calls and SMS. To trap fraudsters in SMS, they lure lotteries and free offers. People get caught in the trap and share bank details, due to which their bank account becomes empty within minutes. Such scams are run by trend syndicates. Therefore, keep in mind that before sharing the number with anyone, check carefully whether this website is fake or not.

Block spam calls with these apps

Truecaller: This app is most used. This app helps to identify unknown calls. It detects and blocks fraud, fraud calls and spam calls. Through this app you can blacklist and block any number. 

Calls Blacklist: This is also a great app. The app is a call blocker for both call and SMS messages. 

Call Blocker: Through this app does a great job of blocking unknown calls from call centers, spam numbers, robocalls, telemarketing etc.

Should I Answer?: This app is also a best option. This app has a huge database of spam numbers, which is constantly updated. If someone tries to call, it will automatically block them. International calls can also be blocked through this app. 



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