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Tire New design: Now the tires of the cars will get a new look, the design will be special

Tire New design: Now the design of the tires of your vehicles is going to change. Manufacturers are going to give new designs to the tires of cars, buses and heavy vehicles from the coming October. Tires will be designed for better Wet Grip, Rolling Resistance and Less Rolling Noise. This step will reduce the cost of petrol and diesel, driving safety and noise of vehicles will also be reduced. From the next financial year, all existing tire designs will have to comply with the weight grip and rolling resistance norms. Lower rolling noise standard to be followed from June 2023.

Tires will get rating
It will be mandatory for tire manufacturers and importers to follow the new rules. Star rating or labeling of tires will be done on the basis of rolling resistance, wet grip (braking performance in wet areas) and rolling sound. With this, the tires manufactured and sold in India will be as per European standards. With this, customers will be able to make their decision by looking at these parameters while buying tyres.

not a compliance issue
Firstly, the focus is on enforcing mandatory compliance of standards for fuel efficiency and safety. Let us tell you that most of the tire makers in India are global and they are following the best norms in European countries, so compliance is not an issue.

Now cars will have 6 airbags
Keeping in mind the safety of the people, the government is considering making 6 airbags mandatory in cars. The government may soon issue a final notification to make 6 airbags mandatory in cars.

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