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Tips and Tricks: Transferred money to someone else’s number by mistake? will meet back in this manner

Upi Money Transfer: Note this easy methodImage Credit source: Freepik

While transferring money online, many times the money gets transferred to the wrong account in a hurry and in such a situation, tension starts. After transferring money to the wrong account, due to lack of information, many people do not know how to get the money back. Questions start roaming in our mind like, after all, we don’t even know the person to whose account the money was transferred, so why would anyone return our money?

Now you don’t need to worry, today we will give you some important tips, by following these tips you can get your money back. The method of getting the money back is quite simple, just note the steps given below.

Follow these steps

First of all, you have to search on Google by writing NPCI, after the search result appears, click on the first link. After opening the official site of NPCI, you have to click on the three dot menu on the top left side.

As soon as you click on the three dot menu icon, many options will open in front of you, you have to go to the Get in Touch section at the bottom. In this section you have to click on UPI Complaint option.

After clicking on UPI Complaint option, you will have to go to Transaction option, after clicking on this option you will be asked some important questions. After filling the answers to all the important questions asked on the screen, submit.

After filing UPI complaint, your money will be returned to you within a few hours. In this way, with the help of this official site of the Government of India, you can get back the money transferred to the wrong account.