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Tips and Tricks: Make this setting in your phone, whoever asks for it will be confused

Smartphone Tips in Hindi: Note these settingsImage Credit source: Freepik

Smartphone is no longer limited to calling only, it is a device in which some personal things of all of us are always stored. Now in such a situation, if someone takes your phone to use it, then only one question starts wandering in your mind that whether any data or important thing gets stolen from your phone.

If you too are always afraid of this thing, then today we are going to tell you some useful tips and tricks, which if you follow, then you will not be afraid the next time you give your phone to someone. What is the trick and how will you benefit from this trick? Let us tell you.

If you make this setting before giving the phone to someone, then the other person will automatically return your phone. After making this setting, if someone tries to open Instagram on your phone, the phone’s camera will open. Or if someone tries to open your phone’s gallery, the phone’s settings open.

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Anyone will be shocked when this happens, by doing this setting you can change both the name and icon of the app. To make this setting you will need to install the third-party app X Icon Changer.

After the app is installed, select the app which you want to change, for example if you want to change Instagram then select Instagram and you can replace the icon of Instagram with camera icon and then whenever any Instagram If you try to open it, the phone’s camera will open.