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Tips and Tricks: Do not do this mistake while charging the phone, mobile can explode like a bomb

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Smartphone Charging Tips: While charging the mobile phone, special care has to be taken of many things so that the phone remains safe and there is no harm. Often, while charging the phone, we make some such mistakes which later become heavy on us, due to which the mobile phone may explode. Today we will tell you what are the mistakes that you should avoid making so that your phone is always safe.

Phone blast in man’s pocket in Kerala

Recently a video has surfaced in which a mobile phone lying on top of a man’s shirt suddenly becomes a ball of fire. Due to the fire in the phone, there was a blast, but the person immediately took the phone out of his pocket and threw it away. Let us tell you that many times the heat is generated in the phone due to wrong charging of the phone, due to which the phone may also catch fire.

Mobile Tips: Avoid making these mistakes while charging the phone

If you also put the phone on charge simultaneously in two charging sockets on the wall and due to lack of space, place the phone one above the other, then tell that next time avoid making such a mistake.

Doing this mistake should be avoided because when you put one phone on top of another phone during charging, the phone starts heating up due to the heat generated in the phone during charging and when one phone will be on top of the other phone So in such a situation, due to overheating of the phone, the risk of blast also increases.

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It is advisable to charge the phone only with the charger that comes with the phone, but it is often seen that if the original charger found with the phone gets damaged, then people go to the company’s service center or official store and get a new one. Instead of buying a charger, either buy a local charger which is cheaper in price or start charging the phone with the charger of another company lying at home.

But doing this only affects the phone, but the battery of the phone can also get damaged. Not only there is a chance of damaging the battery, but charging the phone with a local or any other company’s charger can heat up the phone and due to overheating, the phone can also catch fire.

Do not use the phone even by mistake while charging

Often people start using the phone after putting the phone on charge, many times we start watching videos or gaming in mobile after putting the phone on charge, but by doing this, more heat is generated in the battery of the phone. Which can not only blast your phone but can also harm you.


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