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Tips and Tricks: Are there small children at home? So this feature of Facebook will remove dirty photos and videos

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Change these settings on Facebook immediatelyImage Credit source: Freepik

If you also have small children at home, then you should immediately change this setting in Facebook. It has often been seen that while scrolling on Facebook, some dirty photos and videos appear which have a deep impact on the minds of children. To reduce such photos and videos, there is a secret feature in the Facebook App which you just need to turn on.

With the help of this secret feature, you will not be able to stop obscene content completely, but to a great extent, this feature will not allow such obscene content to appear on your timeline. Where is this feature hidden in Facebook and how can you turn on this feature? Let us know.

Facebook Tips and Tricks: Change this setting

First of all, you people have to open the Facebook app on your phone, after opening the app, you will see your profile picture on the top right side.

As soon as you tap on the profile photo, you will see some options, after scrolling down a bit you will get the Settings and Privacy option. After tapping on this option, click on the News Feed option in the preference section.

As soon as you click on the News Feed option, you will have to tap on the Reduce option below the Re-connect option. After clicking on this option, you will get three options, Low-Quality Content, Un-Original Content and Sensitive Content. You people will have to tap on the Sensitive Content option, after clicking on this option, two options will be visible, the first option will be on by default.

Facebook Settings

(Photo credit – Facebook app)

The second option is Reduce More, you just have to click on this option. After turning on this setting, Facebook will help in stopping obscene content from appearing on your timeline.

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