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Tinkoff caused a flurry of criticism: users do not pick up expressions due to the fact that huge commissions are sent to charity

Tinkoff announced today that the bank will direct all fees and commissions received on foreign currency accounts and transfers to charitable purposes.


Restrictions on currency transactions are not a way to make money, but a call from the bank to change the structure of currency preferences, taking into account geopolitical realities. All the funds that we received from fees and commissions on foreign currency accounts and transfers will be directed to charitable purposes, which we will discuss in detail in the fall.




Angry netizens don’t choose words in Twitter comments:
    • And why think about customers, well, what if you sp **** the last 200 bucks and the person has nothing to eat? from your profits, do charity
    • Em. This is someone else’s money. And hide behind charity as low as possible. It’s disgusting.
    • Wait. You said that the commissions are dictated by the difficulties on the part of Western partners, that is, the commissions are necessary to continue working with them. Now it turns out that these commissions will go to charity. What is truth?
    • Many voluntarily did charity themselves, especially those who can transfer >$200 anywhere, I think. And you are just thieves who are looking for an excuse.
    • Hey, we’re fucking with your money, but we’ll send some of it to charity so you don’t get drunk. Eat, don’t slouch.
    • Forced charity lol, well, you and the clowns
    • In the 90s, the gangsters, after all their atrocities, also built churches and it seems like they cleaned up the karma and it was possible to start all over again.
Tinkoff responded to these posts as follows: “We did not earn on commissions, they were introduced at the level of the cost of translation, due to the fact that Western partners constantly increased the cost on their part, and that they demanded a sharp reduction in the number of transfers. We will donate the amount to charity.”
Let us recall that earlier the bank introduced a commission for servicing a foreign currency account: if the account balance exceeds 10,000 conventional units, the commission is 1% per month. Also in June, it was announced that the minimum amount of SWIFT transfers will be $20,000, and a huge commission is introduced for incoming SWIFT transfers in dollars, euros and British pounds.
Today “Tinkoff” suspended outgoing SWIFT transfers in foreign currency for individuals.
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