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TikTok’s amazing beauty filter will make you dazzling, experts said, be careful

TikTok Bold Glamor Filter: The new filter of Tiktok makes the face of the users very attractive. The company provides this service through Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, experts have asked users to be careful regarding this filter.


TikTok Beauty Filter: video sharing app TikToknew of beauty filter Has made users from all over the world crazy. Tiktok’s special effect artificial intelligence (AI) Gives a glamorous look by changing different parts of the face including the user’s lips. name of this filter Bold Glamor Which has been downloaded more than 16 million times. Although experts have expressed concern about this effect, and they have asked users to be careful about its effect.

For some time now, crores of Tiktok users have started using the bold glamor effect. This filter itself is also very powerful and works in real time. It is being described as the best beauty filter ever. In the desire to look good, the number of users using this effect is increasing continuously.

Why is this effect different from other filters?

Governments around the world are investigating Tiktok. In such a situation, this app gives tremendous ability to manipulate people. Any smartphone user can use bold glamor to make themselves look beautiful or create an avatar. Unlike other photo filters, Bold Glamor works well even if the user moves quickly, or passes a hand in front of the face.

this is how it works

This effect changes the user’s face in real time. The interesting thing is that the face looks absolutely real. The eyelashes do not look fake in this. Users may be shocked to see the result of this filter as they cannot believe that they can look like this. According to media reports, Tiktok spokesperson Alexa Yousufian has not given information about the technology behind the filter.

Dangers of the Bold Glamor Effect

“This is a new attack on the ‘beauty myth’,” said Kim Johnson, associate professor at the University of Middle East Georgia in the US. She added, “Bold glamor-like effects” lead to unhealthy behaviors such as over-dieting, comparing oneself to others and low self-esteem. Let us tell you that in 2020, the Government of India had banned Tiktok. That’s why this app is not available in India.


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