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TikTok: TikTok fired her after reporting sexual harassment, former female employee sued

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A former top marketing executive of TikTok on Thursday sued the social media company and its China-based parent company ByteDance. She claims she was fired from her job after complaining about discrimination based on sex, age and disability.

Katie Puris said in a complaint filed in Manhattan federal court that she was fired from her job in 2022 because she reported the bias to a supervisor and HR. He had informed them about a case of sexual harassment.

Purvis was about 50 years old when he was fired. She has claimed that she was subjected to derogatory comments about her age. ByteDance President Zhang Lidong believed that women should “remain calm and polite at all times” and he prioritized “politeness and humility” in female employees.

Purvis also claimed that TikTok refused to give her leave to address medical conditions induced by the stress and pressure of her job. At present nothing has been said from TikTok and ByteDance in this matter.

Purvis’ attorneys Marjorie Messidor and Monica Hinken said in a joint statement that she faced swift retaliation for complaining of discrimination despite being “highly successful” in her work. “TikTok’s actions against Puris are illegal and we look forward to vindicating her rights,” he said.

According to their complaint, Purvis previously worked at Alphabet’s Google, Meta’s Facebook and major advertising agencies. The lawsuit accuses TikTok and ByteDance of violating US and New York state and city laws that prohibit workplace discrimination and retaliation. Puri is seeking damages for economic loss, pain, suffering and damage to her reputation and career.

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