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TikTok Faces Lawsuit from US Department of Justice Over Children’s Privacy Violations

TikTok and ByteDance are seeking to invalidate a law that could ban TikTok in the US starting January 19 next year.

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) reportedly plans to sue ByteDance’s TikTok, focusing on alleged violations of children’s privacy. Bloomberg News reported that the lawsuit, on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), centers on these specific claims, rather than earlier concerns about data security misrepresentations. The lawsuit won’t address allegations that TikTok misled American users by not disclosing that Chinese employees could access their personal and financial information.

Sources familiar with the situation said this part of the complaint would be dropped.

This action follows a recent Reuters report stating the FTC forwarded a complaint to the DOJ, implicating TikTok and ByteDance for potential breaches of children’s privacy rules.

In related news, TikTok and ByteDance have asked a US court to invalidate a law set to ban the popular video app in the US from January 19 next year.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration announced plans on Thursday to ban the sale of antivirus software from Russia’s Kaspersky Lab in the US.

US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo expressed concerns over Russia’s influence on the company, citing significant security risks posed by its software, Reuters reported. Raimondo highlighted Kaspersky’s privileged access to computer systems, fearing it could compromise sensitive American data or aid malware deployment by withholding critical updates.

“Russia has demonstrated its capability and intent to exploit Russian companies like Kaspersky to gather and weaponize Americans’ personal information, which is why we’re compelled to take the action we’re taking today,” Raimondo said during a briefing with reporters.


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