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TikTok Challenge took the life of a 22 year old girl! Even the police were horrified to see the dead body found in this abandoned church.

This 22-year-old girl met with such a horrific death that it sent shudders down people’s spines after learning about it. Police believe that the deceased had entered the deserted church to complete a TikTok challenge. The very next day, the girl’s body was found in such a condition that even the police were frightened upon seeing it.

People have been shocked to learn about what happened to a 22-year-old girl while attempting to complete a TikTok challenge. It is reported that the girl accepted the challenge and ventured into a deserted church at night. Her blood-soaked body was discovered the following day, bearing marks of bullet injuries and sharp knife attacks. The condition of the body was so disturbing that even the police were alarmed.

The New York Post, citing the Italian newspaper Il Gazzettino, has reported that the police suspect French girl Aurian Nathalie Laisne had participated in TikTok’s ‘Ghost Hunting’ challenge. The church where her body was found is very old and no longer in use.

According to the report, Aurian had filed a case of domestic violence against her 21-year-old boyfriend Teima Sohaib before her death. The court had also instructed Teima to stay away from the girl. In such circumstances, the police suspect that the boyfriend lured the girl to a deserted place under the pretext of this challenge and murdered her.

The Italian police’s suspicion regarding boyfriend Teima has deepened because during the investigation, a witness claimed to have seen the girl with a young man near a deserted church. Both of them were dressed like vampires. The witness also stated that the girl appeared like a walking corpse.

The post-mortem report revealed that the girl’s body had been stabbed multiple times, resulting in extensive bleeding and her demise. Additionally, a bullet was found in her body after death. The police are also investigating whether this is a case of human sacrifice.


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