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Through the ERA-GLONASS system on a car, you can now call the National Guard

A new service for car owners with the installed ERA-GLONASS system, the so-called “panic button”, has started operating in Russia. This was reported by the press service of the GLONASS company.

Now with the help of “ERA-GLONASS” you can call the National Guard. As the press service notes, in order to get help in an emergency situation not related to a traffic accident, you just need to press the SOS button. This can be useful in cases where intruders tried to open the car, cause damage to the vehicle or even the driver himself.

The new service was launched jointly with the Business Monitoring company. It allows the driver to call the squad of the Russian Guard to his location.

If the car is equipped with a device connected to the ERA-GLONASS system, you can purchase a subscription to the service and for 700 rubles a month use the service of calling a squad of the Russian Guard by pressing the emergency call button. No additional hardware is required. As the creators of the service promise, a rapid response team will arrive at the scene in “a matter of minutes.”


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