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Three ways humans could live on Mars

According to the author of the article, even if people are delivered to Mars right now, they simply cannot survive there. The reason is cosmic radiation. In order to avoid such a fate, some protection or new technologies are needed.

  1. Radiation protection… Purely theoretically, this is possible. However, the mass of such devices will be hundreds of tons, and the volume will be hundreds of cubic meters. This means that everything will have to be launched from near-earth orbit, and the assembly must be done there too. All this is complicated and expensive. Therefore, creating this kind of protection is not the best option.
  1. Anabiosis… Anabiosis is the suspension of the body’s life with its subsequent restoration under favorable conditions. This is typical for amphibians, reptiles, and some mammals (bear, badger, hedgehog). According to scientists, a person can also be immersed in this state. Moreover, it will take up quite a bit of space – no more than one cubic meter. In this form, people can easily be delivered to Mars. However, upon arrival, a problem arises: what to do with the radiation?


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