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Three Indian states offered Tesla after Elon Musk’s desperate tweet

Many Indian politicians and VIPs are attracting the attention of Elon Musk on Twitter. Now if you are wondering why, then let us tell you that Indian politicians are inviting the world’s richest man’s electric automobile company Tesla to set up his factory in his city. In fact, Musk recently tweeted that Tesla in India is facing “challenges” from the government, delaying the local launch of his electric car company.

India is one of the largest markets in the world, and Tesla has long been preparing to sell its electric cars in this market. However, the launch is getting delayed due to efforts to negotiate with the government on lower import duty. Let us tell you, this import duty can be up to 100 percent.

When asked about a possible launch date last week, Musk tweeted that his California-based company “still faces a lot of challenges with the government.”

Since this tweet, ministers of many Indian states have invited the company to set up their factory in their state on Twitter.

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“Hey Alan, I am the Minister of Industry and Commerce of the State of Telangana in India,” KT Rama Rao tweeted on Friday in response to Musk, “Our state is a champion in sustainability initiatives and a top business destination.”

West Bengal’s Minority Affairs Minister said his state has the best infrastructure and “vision” of the country.

In Punjab, Parliamentarian and retired international cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu pledged commitment to green jobs and sustainable development.

Musk has tweeted several times since his “challenging” remarks last week, but has yet to respond to any of his Indian appeals.


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