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Those wishing to buy BMW on «mechanike» better do this now. Soon there will be no such machines left

In an interview with the Italian magazine Quattroruote, member of BMW management Frank Weber confirmed that the future of mechanical transmission looks bleak.


There are interesting products, but, let’s be honest, sales volumes become smaller and smaller. And hence there is no point in developing them. If you need BMW M with manual transmission, you will have to buy it now.
Frank Weber


BMW said that in the past, customer preferences have dictated the company to continue offering mechanical transmissions. In the US, the company currently offers models M2, M3 and M4 with a six-speed manual transmission. According to BMW, in countries such as Britain, only the M2 is offered with the automatic transmission due to lack of demand for larger vehicles.

«We have customers who travel 25 000–30 000 kilometers a year and do not want to stand in traffic, switching gears», — added Weber.


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