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Those who put the story of boarding pass on Instagram, be careful! Data theft can happen


Do not share personal information like PNR number and name on the boarding pass with anyone.
Some information falling into the hands of scammers can cause huge losses.
While putting a story on Instagram, hide personal information according to your own.

new Delhi. Many times people after booking flight tickets start sharing it with friends and relatives by taking pictures of it. It is okay till now, but some people share their flight tickets and boarding passes on Instagram, Facebook and other social media networking sites without even thinking. By applying it in the story, you can garner accolades, but do you know that it can also cause huge losses to you.

You have a lot of such personal information on flight tickets and boarding passes, which after going into the wrong hands, people can use it in any way. Not only this, your data can also be stolen from it.

how to steal data from boarding pass
You may find it a bit awkward to know, but it is true that it can easily lead to data theft. Actually, there is PNR number and name as well as many other personal information on it. Recently a bag was found on Indigo’s website. In which your personal information was coming out on entering any name and PNR number. However, the company has given information about improving it by making changes in the website.

What is boarding pass scam
Very few people are aware of how personal information is used if it gets into the wrong hands. Actually, people who do wrong things keep this data saved slowly. After this, after taking a huge amount, they sell it to scammers. These people can make calls with the help of these names and numbers as well as try to extort money in many other ways. Many times people give up to lakhs of rupees on receiving threats along with having personal information.

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Take these precautions while posting a story on Instagram
It is very important to keep some things in mind while posting a story on Instagram. Avoid posting pictures and videos that contain personal information on any social media site, not just Instagram. Apart from this, along with railway flights and movie tickets, do not post anything that people can use in a wrong way. Although, you can do this after traveling, but there is a need to be careful in this too. Wherever there is personal information, put some other paint over it.


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