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This world’s largest ship died after coming to India, it used to ring everywhere

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Jahre Viking (Photo : Twitter) Image Credit source: Twitter

When Titanic left the coast of England in 1912, it was the largest ship in the world. Its length was about 882 feet. But this ship sank in its very first journey and about 1500 people lost their lives in this accident. After that the world seemed to have given up on big ships. However, larger ships continued to be built for cargo. Japan built one such ship in 1979, which was almost twice the length of Titanic. After ruling the sea for 30 years, this ship died in Gujarat, India.

Yes, Japan’s Sumitomo Heavy Industries built the world’s largest ship ‘Seawise Giant’ between 1974-1979. It did not get this name in the beginning. Whereas later it also got the names Oppama, Happy Giant and Jahre Viking. However, this ship was associated with many controversies right from the beginning.

When the owner refused to take it

Pain was written in the destiny of this ship from the very beginning. The ship was completed at Oppama Shipyard in Japan, but its Greek owner refused to take it. It had no name then. Then there was a long legal battle, during which it was named Oppama after the name of the shipyard itself. Later the shipyard handed over this ship to China’s C.Y. Sold it to Tung and as a corruption of his name it was named ‘Seawise Giant’.

‘Jahare Viking’ got its name from Iran-Iraq war

This ship got the most popularity with the name ‘Jahere Viking’. Its length was about 1500 feet. It was mainly used in transportation of oil tankers. In 1988, this ship suffered the biggest setback of its life cycle due to crude oil transportation. Then this ship was standing at Larak Island carrying Iranian crude oil. Then Saddam Hussein’s air force attacked it and it sank slightly in shallow water. However, it was later repaired and then purchased by a Norwegian company in 1991. That’s why it got the name ‘Jahare Viking’.

Jahre Viking (Photo: SCMP)

Jahre Viking (Photo: SCMP)

When this ship was sold again in 1991, its price was about 40 million dollars. If we look at it in terms of today’s dollar value, it would be around Rs 330 crore. This ship has the title of the world’s largest self-propelled ship.

He died after coming to Gujarat

After ruling the sea for almost 30 years, it reached Gujarat, India in the year 2009. Here this ship was dismantled in ‘Alang’, one of the largest ship breaking yards in the world. It took about 1000 laborers a whole year to break this ship. The anchor of this ship itself was about 36 tons.

So what if you are big

However, being the largest ship in the world became a curse for it. This ship could not cross many major trade routes of the world. This includes the Panama Canal, Suez Canal and the English Channel.

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