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This woman works only 5 minutes a day, monthly earning is more than 5 lakhs

There is a woman named Rachel Jimenez, who works just five minutes every day and earns about Rs 63 lakh annually i.e. more than Rs 5 lakh per month. The interesting thing is that she does such work which anyone can do and many people do it for extra income.

Everyone thinks that he should work in a company where he gets all kinds of facilities, good salary and the environment there is good. However, all these things are not available in every company. If the salary is good then facilities are not available and if all the facilities are available then the salary becomes less. Generally, if you work anywhere, you may have to shift for 8-9 hours or more and people do, but just imagine if you have to work only for five minutes a day and earn Rs 5 lakh. It would have been nice if it was more than a month. A woman doing something similar is in the news these days.

The woman’s name is Rachel Jimenez. According to the report of The Sun, recently she has revealed that by working just 5 minutes every day, she is earning 60 thousand pounds i.e. more than Rs 63 lakh in a year. 36 year old Rachel tells that she does side hustle i.e. side job, which many people usually do and earns her pocket money, but Rachel earns more from her side work than people usually earn even by working in big companies. And that too by working for hours and hours, whereas Rachel works only for five minutes a day.

What work does she do?

Rachel tells that like Amazon and Flipkart, there is an online website named Etsy, on which she sells printed goods, which she has printed herself. She says that when the printed product is ready, she tests it and lists it online on the website. They have to spend only 5-10 minutes a day in this work. Then the product gets sold and their profits also increase.

Tells others how to earn money

Rachel also runs a vlog named ‘Money Hacking Mama’. Through this vlog she tells others how to earn money. Rachel says that earlier she also used to do a full time job, but when she earned lakhs of rupees in just 9 months by doing side hustle, she left the job and started doing the same work. Now she does not have to do much work and is also earning lakhs of rupees every month.


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