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This website selling iPhone 13 for just Rs 5,000? Flipkart holiday

New Delhi. At present, the festive season sale is going on. During this time people are shopping heavily. Because at this time people get huge discounts and a lot of money is saved. Not only Flipkart, but there are many other websites that provide you products at very low prices. One such website is Facebook Marketplace, from where you can buy a phone or any other product at a very low price.

The iPhone 13 can be purchased at a very low price on the Facebook Marketplace. According to a listing, the iPhone 13 has been made available for purchase for just Rs 5,000. Now we also tell you how to buy it and how accurate it is.

Opportunity to buy iPhone 13 for Rs 5,000, how true?
According to a listing on Facebook Marketplace, the iPhone 13 can be purchased for just Rs 5,000. Now this listing states that the name of its seller is gál Máñishã Játñí and it has joined Facebook only in 2022. Also it has 1,024 friends. The condition of the phone has been told in this listing. At the same time, the location is being told of New Delhi. This offer can be accessed by visiting

If seen, there are many people who buy goods from the marketplace and the product gets delivered to them. But getting the iPhone 13 for such a low price makes you think whether this offer is right. If you also see this offer, then do a thorough investigation first and only then buy the phone. Also, always opt for COD on such orders. If such an option is not given then it would be better not to buy the goods.

Note: If you buy this phone from Facebook Marketplace, then buy only after thorough investigation. If this is not done and there is any fraud with you then digitnews will not be responsible for it.

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