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This tree species is 15 crore years old, everyone had assumed it was extinct, now it will be alive again

This tree will come alive again Image Credit source: pixabay

It is said that once something dies, it cannot be revived again, whether it is a human being, an animal or a plant. Once something is destroyed, no one can bring it back alive. But in today’s time, scientists have now invented a technology through which they can revive once destroyed things. A similar example is in the headlines these days. Where scientists are going to revive a 15 crore year old tree.

Actually, the name of the tree we are talking about here is Wollemi Pines. This tree was considered extinct in 1994 itself. But now scientists are trying to revive the living fossil of the plant once again. According to media reports, this plant was first seen by the hikers of Blue Mountain, but where is it being brought alive. At present no one has information about this. If we talk about its species, even today 60 species of this tree are alive on earth, but a pathogen named Phytophthora cinnamomi is being held responsible for gradually destroying their health.

Will this tree be able to come back alive?

Apart from this, it is also being considered a threat due to the fire in the forests of New South Wales, Australia. Scientists said that this tree has been on the earth for 145 million years but even today no change has been seen in it. If we talk about growing it again, earlier attempts had been made to grow it in the years 2012, 2019 and 2021 but were not successful.

In the year 2019, an attempt was made to plant 400 saplings but only 58 could be saved. In 2021, an attempt was made to plant about 502 trees but 80 percent of them were destroyed in landslides caused by heavy rains. If we talk about their growth, it takes several decades because they grow only by 1.02 cm every year. Although scientists said that they will come alive again, but it is very difficult to say for how long they will remain alive again.


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