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This tiffin heats up the food by speaking, knowing the price will order it today

New Delhi. If you take food with you in tiffin while going to office, then today’s product is specially for you. Now food gets hot from home but it is not fun to go to office and eat cold food. Now many people have oven in their office but there is also laziness in it. First get up, go to the canteen, then open the tiffin and then heat the food and eat it. But you will not have this problem with Milton Smart Electric App Enabled Tiffin. Yes, this is an electric tiffin which heats the food just by speaking. This tiffin connects to Wi-Fi and gets connected to the app on the smartphone. Let’s know about this tiffin.

Milton Smart Electric App Enabled Tiffin: This is an electric tiffin. It comes in a set of 3. Each section has a capacity of 300ml. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant. By the way, its price is Rs 2,999. It can be purchased for Rs 1,999 with 33 percent discount. Its color is brown. Talking about its material, its inner material is steel and outside is plastic. This pressure vacuum comes with lid containers. It has 220-240V voltage. Also 802.11b / gWPA / WPA2 / 80W has been made available for Wi-Fi connectivity.This is app enabled tiffin. Which allows the heating of food through a smartphone app. All you need to do is to connect this smart tiffin to a Wi-Fi network. It has a smart feature in which Tiffin senses your geographical location and heats your food before your arrival. Either you are in a radius of 5 km from the tiffin or you are 30 minutes away from the tiffin, accordingly this tiffin heats your food. It takes 30 minutes for the food to heat up. Also, after the food is heated, it automatically turns off so that the food does not overheat.

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