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This Tata electric car is running for free, the owner drove 12,500 km without spending a single penny

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular in India. Due to the low cost of running electric cars and low maintenance, people are now getting attracted towards them. Tata Motors cars are being liked the most among the companies making electric cars in India. Tata Motors launched the Tigor EV after the success of the Tata Nexon EV, which is the best-selling electric car after the Nexon EV.

Here we tell you about a Tata Tigor EV customer who is charging his electric car for free. This video has been uploaded by Pluginindia Electric Vehicles on their youtube channel. In this video Tata Tigor EV owner is sharing his experience with his car. Owners of Tigor EV say that they bought this electric sedan 5 months ago which has now run 12,500 kms.

He uses this car for daily commuting to office which is at a distance of 60 kms. In this video, the Tigor EV owner talks about the things that he liked and also the things that could have been better in the Tigor EV sedan.

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Let us tell you that Tigor EV runs more than 60 kilometers every day but the cost of running it is absolutely free. He hasn’t spent a single penny on charging his car. The Tigor EV owner reveals that he has installed a 10 kW solar panel at his home. That means his house is also running on solar energy.


Tata Tigor EV Running Free


The owner says that he never uses public charging stations. He prefers to charge the car at home. He has driven the car for around 12,500 kms and is quite satisfied with its performance as well.

Told the lack of Tigor EV

The overall owner experience with Tata’s service is quite good. However he also looks into the things the owners wish could have been improved which includes the tyres.

Tata has offered low resistance tires with the EV and the owner is not happy with them. He told that there is a lot of wheelspin on these tires but it could also be because he always drives the car aggressively. He suggested that Tata should introduce a variety of tire options. He also felt that the interior of the Tigor EV looks similar to the regular Tigor, which could have been better considering the car’s higher price tag. Apart from this, there is also a lack of rear vents in the car.


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