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This table AC of Rs 1,200 is being sold by pressing, will leave for summer

New Delhi. In summer, the price of AC starts increasing rapidly. Today we are going to tell you about some such ways by which you can fit AC on the table. Also its price is also very less. That’s why it sells a lot. Actually the main reason behind its selling is also its very low price. Right now there is a huge discount on this as well. In such a situation, you can also finalize its deal.

The MRP of Vozica Go Arctic Air Portable 3 In 1 Conditioner Mini Cooler is Rs. 2,599 and you can buy it for Rs. 1,199 after 54% discount. Along with this, many bank offers are also running on it. For example, if you pay by credit card, you can get a discount of up to Rs 100 separately. In this you get 3 speeds. It can be placed anywhere like a tower.

You also get a water tank in this AC in which you can fill Cool and Purify water. But remember that you have to keep these few things in mind while filling the water. Filling dirty water in the tank can damage the cooler tank. Along with this, it can also cause skin moisture. Due to the presence of air conditioner, its cooling also doubles.

What is the specialty?

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The specialty of AC is that it is very light weight and it does not take up much space. It can also be connected with a USB cable. It can also be fitted in you office, living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom. Apart from cooling, you also get 7 color options in it. It moistens the hot air and due to this the air becomes very cold. With the clearing of the air, it also becomes quite cold.



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