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This “supercar from the future” runs on pure hydrogen and emits water vapor

The Alpine A4810 is a new take on supercars with an aggressive design, powered by pure hydrogen that produces water vapor. The design of the car is more like the body of an intergalactic fighter.

A4810 is a graduation project made by 28 European Design Institute MA students from Italy. The work was done in collaboration with Renault’s Alpine brand.

There is no mention of the specific layout of the powertrain, or even whether it will be a fuel cell electric drive or a hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engine. Alpine mentions fuel tanks and engine, but not fuel cells. In any case, this is still an academic question, since the A4810 is just a life-size model without an engine.

According to New Atlas, this project is unlikely to come true in the near future, but as a concept it looks very interesting.

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