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This smart pen of Xiaomi is the gadget of the future, buttons for writing and erasing, no need of ink, will charge like a phone

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New Delhi. Nowadays in the world of technology even small products have become smart. Meanwhile, Xiaomi had introduced its smart pen, which has been designed to enhance the writing and drawing experience. For now, we are going to tell you from where Xiaomi Smart Pen can be purchased in India and what are its features and benefits.

Xiaomi Smart Pen is a state-of-the-art writing instrument meant for the tech-savvy generation. This provides a seamless and interactive writing experience on electronic devices like tablets and smartphones. This tool is special for those who want additional smart features in their writing devices.

Features and Benefits
Xiaomi Smart Pen offers features like pressure sensitivity. This results in more natural drawing and writing strokes. It also has buttons with which users can quickly do things like erasing content and switching tools. That too without touching the screen. Smart pens are rechargeable and come with long battery life. Wireless connectivity features like Bluetooth are also available in these. Their nibs can also be replaced.

where to buy in india
Xiaomi Smart Pen can be easily purchased in India. Customers can buy it on Amazon, Flipkart and Xiaomi’s official website. Xiaomi Smart Pen is compatible with Xiaomi tablets and smartphones. Xiaomi Smart Pen (2nd Generation) was launched in June this year. It is compatible with Xiaomi Pad 5 and Xiaomi Pad 6. Its price is Rs 5,999.

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