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This smart charging robot will automatically charge the electric car, know when it will be launched

German automotive technology company Continental Engineering Services (CES) is teaming up with Volerio, a startup, to build an intelligent charging robot that will make it easier and more convenient for electric vehicle users to charge their vehicles. This charging robot will be fully automatic, which will automatically put the vehicle on charging and charge it.

CES has blog It has been informed through this that this smart charging robot is made with two components, in which one unit will be fitted under the electric vehicle and the other unit will be fitted on the garage floor. As soon as the car is parked on top of a fitted unit in the garage, the two units will be connected through a smart system and the car will start charging. Apart from this, it is also claimed that the alignment of both the units uses ultra-broadband communication, while the physical connection between the two units ensures that there is no loss of electricity during charging.

The system is designed for use in private homes with an output system rated 22 kW. The company says that in the second phase, a separate fast charging solution will also be developed for public places with charging capacity above 50 kW direct current (DC). In addition, fast charging systems can be fitted in older vehicles as well.

The company has further stated that the first production system of this system will be developed within 2022. After this its mass production is planned for 2024. The company says that production will take place in Germany.

Dr. Christoph Falk-Gierlinger, Managing Director of Continental Engineering Services, believes that the fast-charging solution is an essential step in the evolution of electric mobility, to make it more comfortable and convenient for everyday use. Can go


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