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This simulator comes in the price of luxury car, will give you F1 car experience sitting at home

If you want the real experience of driving a Formula Car from the comfort of your own home, then Axsim Racing brings to you an exclusive simulator that allows the user to experience a Formula Car without having to drive it. This simulator uses fighter jet technology for the G Force. This advanced simulator also gets a GPX steering wheel like the formula car, which is fitted with a full color LED display. Apart from this, hydraulic brakes are also available in this simulator system. However, you will have to spend around £100,000 to buy it.

This formula simulator from UK-based company Axsim Racing comes in three variants, which offer different experiences to the user. The company claims that it gives the user an almost real experience of driving a formula car. Its ‘Motion’ model is being sold at a price of £39,900 (approximately Rs 40 lakh), while its ‘Full-Motion’ model has been introduced for £ 59,990 (approximately Rs 61 lakh). At the same time, its top-of-the-line ‘Full-Motion + G-Force’ model is priced at £99,900 (approximately Rs 1 crore). You can definitely buy a luxury high-performance car in India with such a price tag.

Axsim your Formula Simulator Comes with Samsung’s 65-inch 4K Ultra HD display. Not only this, the company also gives the customer the option of choosing a larger display, which includes up to 98-inch display or a triple screen setup.

If you are wondering what are the differences between the three simulator models, let us tell you that the Motion Simulator model works in roll, pitch, and heave motion. On the other hand, the Full-Motion model comes with a Yaw platform, in addition to these three modes, which also pushes the simulator side-by-side. This experiences the traction generated by the rear wheel of the car. At the same time, the seat of the Full-Motion + G-Force model comes equipped with special small airbags. All these airbags provide a feel of the g-force felt during cornering, braking and accelerating.

At the same time, its GPX steering wheel gets a full-coloured LCD display, in which information related to the race and the car is available. The system also gets a direct drive motor, which generates 25 Nm of torque. The hydraulic brake pedal is made of CNC aluminum. It also has a six-point harness, which comes with a quick-release buckle.

For enhanced audio experience, the simulator incorporates dual KEF ultra-high-performance loudspeakers with 5mm high frequency tweeter and 165mm low frequency woofer. Not only this, Rega amplifiers have also been included in this audio system.

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